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Now the market is crowded with various fashion clothing manufacturers. Presented in boutiques both domestic and foreign brands. Each of them is popular to a different extent. Much depends on what kind of management, advertising, production volumes.

An important and perhaps the most important point – the design team. Among modern brands firmly occupies its niche Spanish company Mango (Mango). It stands out for its originality in design. Mango catalog is very popular in Russia.

Creating the Mango brand and its history

Founded this company Mango was back in 1984. Its founders were two brothers – Isaac and Nahman Andice. The brand was born in the Spanish city of Barcelona. The main focus is the production and development of fashion trends in clothing and accessories for women. To date, the range of Mangoes has improved markedly – there were children’s and men’s line, though the volume is small.

The first specialty store that offered mango clothing was a boutique in Barcelona. It was opened the same year the firm opened. After a year there was a shop in Valencia. It took not so much time, about six years, and the boutiques became 99.

The company was actively developing and soon entered the international market. In 1992, women in Portugal and France had the opportunity to dress in Mango. 1997 was marked for the brand by a serious jump in popularity abroad. The demand for clothes and accessories from the catalog of this company has steadily grown and their sales outside Spain exceeded all expectations of the owners. Mango catalog is loved in different parts of the world. Today, their main income is the sale of fashionable products abroad.

The men’s line of Mango, began to be made recently, the first collection was presented in 2008 (the H. E. by Mango brand). In the same year, the first store in Barcelona, which sold men’s accessories and clothing, appeared.

Today mango boutiques are opened by the company in more than 100 countries. There are 1700 outlets and another mango online store.
The success of this manufacturer lies primarily in the work of the creative team, a large catalog of clothing and accessories, as well as in the presence of its own logistics.

What is the peculiarity of the company Mango

The activity of the brand, from the moment it was formed, has become an important concept-a close relationship between the quality of tailoring and the development of the collection only on their own, without attracting third parties. And also, the steady adherence to fashion trends and maintaining an individual image.

The development team of the brand

The employees who work at Mango are young and energetic. The total number of about 9000 people, about 2000 work in Barcelona, where the design center and the main office are located. The main employees of the company are women.

The team is highly motivated and flexible. It instantly reacts to new demands and changes in fashion trends.

Online trading

The Mango brand was one of the first to attract the Internet for business. Site mango.the som has been operating since 1995. The official online store Mango began working in 2000.
The team works in the spirit of the time, and to date, the catalog Mango is presented in the now popular social. networks:

Company logistics

The company has its own logistics development. Its development is constantly, which made it possible to take an honorable second place in exports, in the niche of Spanish enterprises specializing in textiles.
One of the innovations is the Barcelona center, which is responsible for automating the processes of registration, delivery, storage of goods, loading. The activity of this dynamic center has been able to increase the efficiency of sales of fashion products among competitors at times. For this reason, the price of clothes in the catalog Mango (Mango) democratic and available to almost everyone.

The website Mango and Mango online shop

Mango has its official website He has a very convenient organization and makes it easy to move to stores in any country. For Russian buyers address to enter the Internet Catalogue in Russian. Residents of Ukraine can use the address

The site gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the newly released catalogues of fashionable clothes and accessories, with all the new products. Everything that was pleasant, it is possible without postponing to order. There is a page that shows discounts online store Mango-it is very convenient for buyers.
Boutiques of this brand are widely represented in Russia. To make it convenient, the nearest can be found by visiting the site Next section “Shops” at the bottom of the screen.
Delivery in Russia in Mango is free, subject to the order of 1500 rubles, Mango site is used.

Login to the online Mango store

To use all the features for ordering in the online store Mango and feel all its convenience, the diversity of the catalog and the quality of products, you must register in the personal account of the store on the official website

New Mango catalogue 2021

Section “new Products” contains the latest models of the brand from the catalog of the current year. Collections Spring-Summer or Autumn-Winter. The most interesting, memorable and attractive themes of the season. Himself the partition is committing 4 direction:

  1. New women;
  2. New men;
  3. New girls;
  4. New boys.

Let’s consider each direction in more detail.

New women

New models every week. Be inspired by the latest fashion trends. New women’s clothing from the mango catalog amaze with its diversity and richness of choice for every taste. Each will find something that has long wanted to choose the color, size and style is not difficult.

New men

New items of mens fashion are well represented in the catalogue. This pants, Polo, shirts, suits, jackets, jackets, sneakers and more.

New girls

Forgot the store Mango of the youngest fashionistas. Collection of new products for girls impresses with a variety of colors, shapes and models. Do not miss the most interesting section new for girls in a special section.

New boys

All the new and interesting collected in the “new boys”. Look through the catalog of Mango And find what you need is your little gentleman.

Fashion trends and style of Mango

The brand Mango presents a variety of collections. The range is wide, in it some names. Women can find almost everything from dresses and coats to bags and scarves.
The Mango women’s line presents collections for young and dynamic, seductive and beautiful. Products are different charm, so fans of this brand a great many.
In clothes Mango you can find bows for all occasions. It emphasizes the individuality and peculiarity of each of the fair sex. There are collections of sports, and many options for going to a party or any public event. Offers brands are multifaceted, every girl or woman will find something that she likes. And it does not matter whether it is business or frivolous, business or windy.

Collections are divided into subgroups that allow you to find clothes for all occasions.

Winter collection

Here you can find warm sweaters, pants and jeans. Original warm coat that designers recommend to wear over a sweater, combining a set with straight trousers.
Many things are presented in the now fashionable grunge style: dresses with inserts of artificial leather. Or warm plaid shirts, the cage is now very relevant.
Also Mango in the winter collection presents sheepskin coats and jackets of fashionable cut.
There are down jackets in the collection, they are weightless, but warm. Practicality and good insulation – the main thing that distinguishes them.

Summer collection

Mango loves ethnic motifs. Usually, in the summer collection of this brand you can find a lot of floral motifs. Also popular with the brand cell-tartan.
Often a combination of black and white. The collection has a lot of women’s clothing, which hints at strict male silhouettes, which is now very important.
Summer overalls for girls Mango is usually in large numbers, now it is in trend.
There are many skirts – from mini to Maxi, from bright cheerful colors, to evening with sequins and sequins. Pleated skirts, which are now in fashion, are also presented in the latest catalog.
Shorts can be found from jeans to light beach, colors will please – bright and cheerful, for young ladies, restrained shades, for more conservative girls.

Women’s clothing

Each of the women, regardless of age and social status, always strive to look beautiful and stylish. Undoubtedly, properly selected clothing is able to emphasize the features of the figure and hide the shortcomings, thereby giving the fair sex confidence.

Dresses of the Mango brand, what is their peculiarity

Dresses of this firm are versatile and democratic at the price. What makes them different is their impeccable design. The usual style of casual becomes unusual and modern, which is very appreciated by young people.
Casual fashion line of dresses of this brand is the highlight of the collection. She has a huge choice and will satisfy each of the women. What is important, the products always emphasize the extraordinary owner and her individuality. They are perfectly suited to the accessories of the company, which allows the fair sex to be always on top.
Warm dresses are often decorated with wool and knitted inserts, as well as leather.
Can not do without the dresses on an evening out. Mango decorates your dresses on the way out with beads and sequins, beads. Often offered pleated elegant elements, such as a sleeve-now it is fashionable.
On everyday wear, you can pick up dresses at first glance simple, but always with some zest-with a zipper on the back, a light fringe on the hem or lace collar.


As you know, overalls have a number of advantages over other types of clothing for women, and most importantly of them – the original harmonious combination of “bottom”(pants) and “top”(top, blouse or vest).
A variety of jumpsuits Mango will help you create almost any unique image.


A special element in women’s clothing, borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, is a shirt. Depending on the material, colors and style, it is able to favorably emphasize the office, everyday or evening image of a woman.

Cardigans and sweaters

Women’s jumpers, sweaters, cardigans and pullovers are now not only at the top of fashion, but will perfectly warm you in the cold winter. For the convenience of your shopping, these warm clothes from the world brand are collected in the catalog of women’s clothing from Mango.


The mango store offers a wide range of women’s hoodies. The seller guarantees the originality of products, excellent quality and service of the highest level. Fast delivery in Moscow and Russia, if the goods were not in the nearest store.


Stylish jackets for women in the company’s online store Mango. Large selection of colors and sizes available.






Order fashionable, stylish skirts plain and print, at affordable prices, with delivery in Moscow and Russia. Pick up a skirt of your style and shape in the online catalog is not difficult. Or just come to the nearest Mango address in Moscow or St. Petersburg and enjoy the choice.


During the rest of the woman is very important to feel comfortable. In the online store you will find a comfortable beautiful and practical one-piece swimsuits or bikinis.



Mango offers a wide range of shoes, sandals, boots and ankle boots. The pad is very convenient. In the collection you can find both casual pumps and ballet flats, and evening shoes with heels. Boots on the latest trends are decorated with spikes-a fashionable touch of this season. For young teenagers in the Shoe line – shoes with rough soles, with metal jewelry.

Practical and stylish mango bags

This important detail of the female bow is very important. These products of the company are distinguished by practicality and delicate taste. Designers try and it is noticeable, bags brand-the favorite of many girls, both in Russia and abroad.

The colors of the bags are different, from brown and beige, which are suitable business woman, to bright yellow and pink-for young and modern girls. They like to be in sight and stand out in the crowd, mango bags will help them in this, as well as possible.

For developers, one of the main points are the decorative elements, fasteners, chains, various weaving. Vintage is now in trend and is able to attract the attention of both women and men.

If we talk about the shape and size of bags, we can say about their diversity. In the last catalog you can find a lot of bulk classic bags, as well as small evening clutches on the way out. They are affordable and affordable.

Bags of this brand-a great choice for every day, for a party or on a trip.

Wallets and Purses


Scarves and scarves



Men’s clothing




Collection Mango Kids

For children from three to twelve, the brand develops its original fashion line. It includes shoes and accessories, clothes and underwear. Interestingly, the children’s collection directly responds and adapts to an adult, which is very pleasing to young mothers.
Features children’s clothing Mango bright colors and shades, are used only natural fabrics that exclude an allergic reaction.


From 3 to 14 years

Kids girls from 0 to 4 years


From 3 to 14 years

Kids from 0 to 4 years

Mango Violeta –  for full

Fashionable and stylish want to be all women and girls. And the extra few pounds should not be an obstacle. So say the designers of the famous brand. Therefore, a new women’s line called Violeta was designed specifically for beautiful females who have a non-standard size.

This collection features a variety of dresses and jackets, skirts and pants that emphasize the dignity of the figure and help hide flaws.



Edits-original Mango collection

The 2021 clothing catalog introduces the new Edits collection. It offers clothes and accessories for women, men and children who prefer modern trends, like to differ favorably in the crowd.

Presented summer sundresses and dresses in Nude tones. Jackets for men free cut. Children’s line is adapted to an adult, and echoes it directly.

The collection also offers lingerie. From simple and comfortable for every day, to an exquisite evening dress. Men are offered cotton t-shirts-comfortable and pleasant to the body, which can be worn separately or under the shirt.




Mango brand in Moscow

Manufacturers of the famous brand, opening numerous boutiques around the world, of course, wanted to conquer Moscow. Today mango clothing is widely represented in Russia, it can be purchased in many shopping centers of the capital:

  • The shopping center Vegas (Domodedovskaya metro station);
  • Europeisky shopping Mall (the area of the Kiev station);
  • Okhotny Ryad (Moscow’s Manezh square);
  • Mega White Dacha (Kuzminki);
  • Capitol (Transfiguration street).

Mango outlet and reviews

The marketing move of the brand is to provide regular seasonal discounts, which can not but rejoice. The previous collection can be purchased at a significant discount of up to 70%, in Mango outlet clothing is presented with constant discounts.

Clothes are sold out instantly, illiquid, practically does not happen. Therefore, savings and club cards are not issued, as is often the case with less successful competitors.

Product Mango is popular, democratic in price and loved by many, for this reason, the reviews about this brand are positive. It is worth Recalling that the mango brand is advertised by world-famous models: Kate moss, Claudia Schiffer, Zinedine Zidane and many others.

This company proves to us that it is possible to be fashionable, stylish and in a trend for acceptable money.

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